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Toyota Sure Certified Used Vehicle

Toyota Sure Certified Used Vehicle

What is Toyota Sure?

Toyota SURE is Toyota Used Car platform which provides high-quality certified used vehicles at a Competitive price within your budget as well as facilitate the customers to exchange any used vehicle with a brand new Toyota or Certified Used Toyota.

What are Toyota experts?

Indus Motor Company took initiative of training the Toyota SURE dealer staff on Toyota Vehicle Inspection System (TVI) which was designed by Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC), Japan. It is currently operational in Asia Pacific region i.e. Thailand, India, Vietnam and Philippines etc. Toyota SURE dealer staff is trained on TVI by Indus Motor Company engineers, these people are then examined and only the people who are able to pass the examination are certified as Toyota SURE experts.

Is the warranty covered nationwide?

Yes, the warranty is claimable nationwide on all Toyota Authorized dealerships. (Engine & Transmission only)

What if the car already has the manufacture warranty available?

Used car warranty will be applicable after the Manufacturer warranty expires. So, the used car warranty will start after the expiration on Manufacturer warranty.

Is the warranty offered on Certified Car same as the new car?

Depending on vehicle age & millage Toyota Sure offers 1 Year / 15000km or 6 months/10000 km limited warranty only provided on engine and transmission.

However, with new car, there is a 3 years/100,000 km bumper to bumper warranty, so it is different.

What is the warranty period?

Certified cars comes with a warranty of 1 year / 15000km & 6 months/10,000 KMs on engine and transmission.

Can I exchange my used Non-Toyota car with a new Toyota?

Yes. To facilitate customers, Toyota SURE accepts all kind of cars, even non-Toyota for exchange.

Where is Toyota Sure Available?

Currently, Toyota SURE service is available in 18 cities. But Toyota Walton Motors is Our Big TOYOTA SURE Dealership. Call Now: 0304-1110807

What does the free 203 check-up include?

The intensive 203-point free inspection is conducted to ensure minimum Quality Assurance because we are committed to putting the highest quality certified vehicles on the road.